The Campaign


The Richmond Kids First Initiative seeks to create a Richmond Fund for Children and Youth with a sustainable, long-term funding stream in order to create a youth-friendly city that prioritizes the holistic well-being of children and youth through a continuum of resources and services that fill-in the gaps in services and are highly effective, well coordinated and accountable to youth, their loved ones and the communities of which they are a part.

In San Francisco and Oakland, a fund of dedicated money for children and youth has been established to fill in the gap in services and resources available: San Francisco’s since 1992, and Oakland’s since 1996. Both Funds have served thousands of children and youth in hundreds of programs. The services are monitored and evaluated, and have demonstrated improvements in the well-being of young people and their families. The Funds have contributed to public safety, family support, and the overall quality of life in the community. Both Funds have resulted in improved coordination of the city’s services, better planning, and the leveraging of significant additional resources.